Bert Hinkler

Herbert John Louis Hinkler was born on 8th December 1892 in Bundaberg Queensland to John and Frances Hinkler. He was the eldest of five children. Bert's facination with flight started here in Bundaberg where he built and flew man-carrying gliders at Mon Repos Beach. In 1913, he worked his way to England and in 1914, Bert enlisted in the Royal Naval Air Service. He saw action in Europe and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal in 1917.

Bert worked in the aviation industry in England for a number of years after the war, and in 1928 he flew from England to Australia in an Avro Avian, taking 15 ½ days for this record breaking solo flight. His career is remarkable for setting many world aviation records and winning trophies for his achievements.

In another attempt at breaking the record flying from England to Australia, he crashed near Florence, Italy and perished on 7th January 1933. Bert's body was recovered on 27th April and was buried in Florence Cemetary on 1 May 1933 after a state funeral.

Hinkler House Memorial Museum

A house - called "Mon Repos" - was built in Southampton, England for Bert and Nance Hinkler in 1925. It was due for demolition in 1983. A project to relocate the house to Bundaberg was proposed as part of our Bicentennial Celebrations. Amazingly, the project succeeded and the Hinkler House Memorial Museum was officially opened by the then Premier of Queensland, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen on 16th June 1984.

The Museum, located at the Botanic Gardens in Bundaberg, displays several items belonging to the famous aviator.

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Hinkler Hall of Aviation

The Hinkler Hall of Aviation, located in the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens  celebrates and honours the life and pioneering efforts of Bert Hinkler.

The facility houses original documents and photos plus the restored five key aircraft associated with Bert Hinkler’s aviation history.

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