Our History

We are proud of our past – can we tell you a little about our Club and its successes?

In 1970, a group of 20 local men joined together and formed a new Lion's Club to be known as the Lions Club of Bundaberg City. Although it was thought a great idea at the time, it was soon found that the name was too close to the first club founded earlier, that of the Lions Club of Bundaberg, but it took some three years for the club to be named the Hinkler Lions Club Bundaberg by Clubs International in America.

A date was set for our Charter Night and the first problem that was encountered was that Bundaberg had no hall on the chosen night. To assist us, Ald. Doug Rattray donated us the use of his Paramount Theatre. This theatre has long since been demolished as it had not been in use for several years and it was a major project to make it suitable for the function. “We scrubbed and dusted, stacked old theatre chairs, installed suitable lighting and made a dance floor even though it consisted of a very uneven concrete slab. But it was an outstanding evening that will never be forgotten.

This was the start of a wonderful Club and we have never looked back. Lions Clubs work according to their Code of Ethics and Purposes and the members of Hinkler Lions have worked hard over the years to fulfill our obligations.

Our Achievements

  • We constructed a shelter for the Girl Guides at Mon Repos and we laid pipes for the Scouts at Wyper Park.
  • We conducted Ring-A-Thons for Kidney Research, participated in the Lions Miss Personality Quest for 21 years raising funds for medical research.
  • We donated furniture for the ward at BSFS Friendly Society Hospital.
  • We built, with the other Lions Clubs, the Therapy Centre and Ashtma pool at a cost of $350,000 and 6000 man hours.
  • We cleaned up the Bundaberg Cemetery,
  • We made playground equipment for the women's shelter,
  • We sponsored the Verdi Choir twice to Bundaberg and we hosted a Danish Youth Choir during the International Convention.
  • We organised five District Conventions.
  • The Bundaberg Kindergarten and pre-school playgound was our work.
  • We planted turf at the War Widows Homes for Legacy.
  • We landscaped Millbank Village and built a BBQ and gazebo.
  • With our reputation for landscaping, we worked at the Thabeban Home of Gracehaven who gave us a District Award.
  • We laid the cricket pitch at the Pierson Memorial Home and were lucky to be in one piece after blowing the tree stumps to clear the field.
  • We chartered seven new Clubs; Bundaberg North; Burnett Heads; Biggenden; Bundaberg South; Baffle Creek; Hinkler Lioness and Bundaberg High Leo's Club.
  • We sponsored the Bundaberg Drum Corp on a tour of the east coast of Australia.
  • We helped an artist perform and record his musical work “The Dove.”
  • We restored the Hinkler Glider with over 900 hours of volunteer time.
  • We built two parks. One opposite the airport and the other on the corner of Lloyd and Pitt Street on the old brickworks claypit.
  • We purchased stretchers for the ambulance; a storage unit for the bloodbank; a video for the hospital; a video and TV for the children's ward at the Base Hospital; oxylogs and a crib for the aerial ambulance; art donation to the Lady Chelmsford Hospital.
  • We donated money to scouts, guides, Citizen's Advice Bureau, Salvation Army, cancer fund, library, talking newspaper, boxing club, fish restocking project, St. John Ambulance, High School Choir, Women's Shelter, Youth Orchrestra and Asthma Foundation; Concert and; Red Cross, St. Vincent De Paul; Air Ambulance and so many more that it is too numerous to account.
  • We formed the Bundaberg Branch of the Asthma Foundation and donated a typewriter.
  • We purchased a van for Meals of Wheels.
  • We have given hundreds of students from the High Schools the opportunity in participating in the Youth of the Year public speaking quest. This is an annual event an it is growing stronger each year thanks to the tremendous support given by the NAB.
  • We promoted “Stranger Danger.”
  • Three of our major fund raisers are the sale of Christmas Cakes, Lions Mints and our annual Magic Show which is sponsored by local business to give the underprivileged kids of the district a night of fun.
  • We conducted the canteen at the Ambulance “Big Bingo” every Monday night and this allowed us to donate approximately $6000 each year to charity.
  • We have become experts in BBQ'S and Sausage Sizzles and are called upon nearly every week to cook. We have even been called upon to cook at weddings and other large functions.
  • We have done so many things as Lions and have had so much fun in doing them but I must say that one of the greatest feats ever completed was after the fatal Aerial Ambulance crash when Hinkler Lions launched a public appeal to purchase a replacement aircraft. Hinkler Lions set a target of $50,000 but within two weeks we had raised $140,000. Tremendous thanks must go to the people of Bundaberg for their support.